There’s a lot I can thank for conspiring to make this project happen, and technology is one of them. The entirety of the artwork design for the hoardings – from concept sketches to final line work – was created using an Apple Pencil on 12.9” iPad Pro (on the Adobe Sketch app). Sketches were cropped to scale using Photoshop and then transferred to Adobe Illustrator to process the line work from raster to vector, then add colour and prepare the files for print.


Plato Creative are an established creative strategy partner to Ōtākaro, and were brought on board the CCEC Creative Hoardings project to ensure the congruence of RE:Edit’s messaging with Ōtākaro’s other communications. They ended up being a vital collaborative partner, creating an environment where the content could be created and offering choice advice and feedback during the design and implementation process. The team at Plato graciously invited me to share their workspace, Friday drinks, and expertise – even teaching me how to use Adobe Illustrator so that I could colour the panels. Working with Plato was one of the most consistent high points of this entire project, and I feel is a great example of how people in Christchurch operate in our post-quake world – raising each other up and sharing the good, working together to “make it happen” (their slogan). Plato are comprised of an incredibly talented team of creative professionals and deliver truly exceptional work - see it here.


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