The Earthquakes



Rūamoko: Or Rūaumoko? You’ll find both spellings in a variety of places, so I included both to be sure.


12:51, when the February 22nd quake hit in 2011.


Mana Motuhake is one of the more complex kaupapa to describe and present in a less abstract way, as it refers specifically to Papatipu Rūnanga – the tribal councils/assemblies of mana whenua, and their autonomy. To find out more about these values here.



You can’t spell Power without ‘We’: I really enjoyed creating the text and story for this part of the hoardings, because it felt a bit like a triumphant battle cry, it’s where I’m able to use the pronouns ‘us’ and ‘we’. These statements felt true to me, and I hope they represent a majority – rather than a minority – of experiences throughout our communities. How does this text make you think and feel? I’d love to know.


Just one of the nods to people who have helped me along the way, and are generally good eggs in our community. This is a one of the bikes you might recognise from the Christchurch Bike Share, created by Rob Henderson. Rob also runs C-Lab, the co-working space where I do most of RE:Edit's work.